Allergies are very prevalent in our region of the country.  Symptoms can be seasonal or last all year.  They usually consist of symptoms such as nasal congestion, facial pressure, headaches, nasal drainage, ear pain or pressure, sneezing, cough and hoarseness as well as many others.

At Ozark Mountain ENT, we evaluate and treat patients for a wide range of inhalant allergens (things that you breathe in that cause you to have a reaction).  

We use the Modified Quantitative method of skin testing for inhaled allergens.  This is a method that utilizes skin prick testing with focused dilutional testing.  We are able to tell what allergies you have and quantify each one with a number of severity.  Testing is done for different types of grasses, trees, weeds, pets, dust, mold and others.  Blood testing is also available for those who are not candidates for skin testing.

In addition, we provide immunotherapy for patients who are candidates based on testing results and clinical indication.  Immunotherapy is a treatment which involves regular allergen exposure that alters the way that your body responds to environmental exposures.  We offer both SCIT (subcutaneous immunotherapy) which is the traditional regimen of weekly shots in the arm as well as SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy).  SLIT consists of drops of liquid placed under the tongue on a daily basis.  It is self-administered at home and is becoming more popular among the pediatric population and those who are unable to make weekly office visits for injections.

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