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Hearing Center

"Hear what you've been missing"


The Hearing Center at Ozark Mountain Ear, Nose and Throat offers comprehensive audiology services for patients of all ages.


Melissa Schowalter is a certified audiologist who has been practicing in the Branson area since 1996.


A recent Consumer Reports study confirmed that the best place to buy a hearing aid is in the office of an Ear, Nose and Throat Physician.  We are in the business of caring for your health, not strictly to sell hearing aids.  If you are a good candidate for a hearing aid, we will assist you in making the right decision to fit your needs and budget.  We offer the same products that you will find at the hearing-aid-dispensing stores in the area and at competitive prices.


"Do I have a hearing problem?"

  • Click the link below to take a short survey and find out if you may have hearing loss.